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What you can expect on your charter is a well maintained boat that is clean and organized. All the tackle is supplied for you and is the best tackle for what you are fishing for. Expect a fun relaxing day on the water and at the end of the day the captain will clean your catch for you at no extra charge. The captain will be courteous and helpful the entire day. He will bait your hooks and take your fish off the hook for you. Many people say that they can bait their own hooks but the captain is 100% aware of what is going on and what the fish want. Sometimes that means changing the way your bait is hooked or working it a little different way. There is also a lot less noise and commotion in the boat if you just point your rod at the captain which is usually standing right next to the bait well anyway. Remember that you will be fishing in shallow water and it is the captain's job to get you on fish. Sometimes the fish are aware of every noise that is made on the boa
Please don't be offended if the captain does everything for you. This is his job, he is there to get you on fish and to make sure that you have the best day on the water that you possibly can.
The captain does not use a mate and does everything himself. Tips are always appreciated and tips are usually 15-20% of the price of the charter. Remember that you are not required to tip the captain but if you feel that the captain did everything he could to make your day as good as it could be this is the best way to say thankyou. If there is ever a problem please just tell the captain and he will do everything he can to make it right. Remember that you are dealing with Mother Nature and that there are some days when the fish just won't eat. This isn't the captain's fault. The captain wants you to catch fish as bad as you do and when the fishing is slow he will work harder than if you are catching a fish with every cast.


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