Trout, also in the Drum family are some nice fish to put meat in the box. The bag limit is 4 per person 15"-20" with 1 of the four over 20". Tampa Bay and the surrounding estuaries are prime breading ground for these fish. Sarasota Bay is known for it's monster Trout and plenty of them. A few years back Capt. Shawn was fishing with outdoor writer Del Milligan and his two sons and Austin the younger of the two snagged into a 33 1/2" Gator Trout later to find out it was a Jr. world record. All three of the Milligan clan had big Trout on at the same time and it turned out to be a very successful day on those big Trout. Trout are one of the fastest growing fish in the bay and rebound quickly after heavy fishing pressure or red tide thins them out some years. These fish can be caught usually in the same places we will be Snook or Red fishing at, that makes them an easy target and when you start getting the nice ones biting it doesn't take long to catch your bag limit on these fish. Even though these fish aren't strong fighters they are a blast to catch. They will chase your bait to the top and smack it just like a fish hitting a top water lure and a top water lure is a deadly bait for these fish when you are on them.