Tarpon, also known as the silver king are abundant here in Tampa Bay. We are catching these fish beginning in March and lasting until July. They can weigh any where from 50lbs to 200lbs with most catches averaging around 125lbs. You don't have to go to Boca Grand to catch these fish either. We have been producing Boca Grand numbers for the past several years and there are a lot less boats fishing for them in Tampa Bay compared to Boca Grand.
Tampa Bay is a special bay in the fact that it has five main rivers that feed it creating an estuary for young fish unlike any other bay around the central west coast of Florida. The bay is the breeding ground for many different species of fish from bait fish all the way up to the silver king. We catch the tarpon on spinning rods with 20lbs line so you get the most out of your fish. Using light line increases the amount of hook ups that we have and yes a few more fish get away but using heavy tackle we would have never even had them on in the first place. Tarpon are a spooky fish with two big eyes and every little detail can make the difference of fishing and catching