Fishing Report
for September 2007

September 2007
Hey guy's,

Are you ready for some drag screaming, rod bending action? Well, the time is here and the fish are ready. Today is the equinox which is the beginning of fall and the beginning of all of mother nature to get ready for the winter season that will be here before we know it. There is so much going on out there I don't know if I can fit it all in one report but one thing is for sure, the fish are doing their thing and it is making them very hungry. Snook are moving every day now and just about every day I am seeing more and more fish up on the flats and I am not just talking about little ones, there have been a bunch of bigger snook coming in from the beaches and starting to stack up in their fall haunts. Biggest snook this week was 37" and these fish are fat with all the bait they had all summer. Snook are not the only thing either, the reds have made a strong come back and there are plenty of slot size fish around but the really cool thing is the big schools of huge reds coming in from off shore are coming in every day. These schools can have anywhere from 20 or 30 fish to 500 fish in a school and they are BIG. They are generally 30"-40" and sometimes even bigger. These fish should be around for a while but like everything else the more pressure they get the harder it is to find them and get them to eat, but one thing is for sure, when you get on them plan on catching them until your arm is ready to fall off. Lets not forget about the snapper out there as well. We used to rely on trout for our meat fish but since the red tide 2 years ago they still haven't made a good come back so I had to change what I was doing for the guys that wanted to take home a bunch of fish. I got lucky when I figured out the snapper and yes I am still learning however, they are everywhere and a few rock piles I have been hitting has been producing some killer snapper. These fish can be any where from 14" up to 22" on a daily basis and the bag limit is 5 per person so it doesn't take to long to get our limit on these guys and when it comes to eating, well I think they are about the best eating fish out there and you know me I am not a fish eater but I have kept a few of these fish and they are great just about any way you want to cook them. To sum it all up the fishing is really good and I am starting to see fish down in Sarasota Bay, snook, reds, a few trout and a tun of bait and I am seeing them in places I haven't seen them since the red tide and that in itself is a big thing. This tells me the fish are finally starting to move back down there and I couldn't be happier. The triple tail are still down there as well and just about every time I go down there we find some and if you find one you can usually catch it. This is another fish that is a really good eating fish and they have a lot of meet on them. Like I said before the fishing is good and the fall season is here so lets get out there and bend some rods. Just a quick note, many of you remember when I was with Chaos rods, these guys build a really good rod and I wish them all the luck in the world however Shimano has just picked me up as a pro staff guide so from now on we will be using all Shimano stuff and I am really excited about that. I have used Shimano reels for years because they were the best in my opinion and I would rather buy a quality product for my clients than have someone give me something that is junk just to promote their product. I am looking forward to a long and exciting relationship with these guys for many years to come. I will also be doing some tournaments for them in the future but for now lets get out there and catch fish. Until next time,.

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