Red Fish, also known as Red Drum, are another species we are known for with good reason. There are several different families of fish we fish for though. Certain times of the year we get the big schools of reds showing up usually in the fall and these fish can be a day in themselves. There can be any where from 50 to 500 fish in these schools and they are all big fish. Seldom do you catch one under 30" and when you catch one you can usually catch a bunch. One hundred fish days are common when you get on these guys and those 100 fish come quick. There are times when we have to go catch more bait after being on a school of these big fish because just about every cast you make you will have one on and it does take a few minutes to get fish of this size to the boat.
Red Fish are also great fighters and they won't give up until they are in the boat. Their runs are long and they are also rather heavy so they can really test your equipment. The good thing about Red Fish is that they are fast growing fish. A small Red can grow about 9" a year when they are young so from year to year we can always be on new fish. These fish also school together even when they are young so that is another reason they are a rather easy target.
You never know when you are going to see a big school of red fish show up in shallow water pushing a wake across a grass flat looking for something to eat. These fish are also really spooky and you usually have to sneak up on them using a push pole or trolling motor but once you get on them you can have a great time catching these fish and don't have to worry about making to much noise. These fish will also take a fly or an artificial bait with no problem once you have them feeding around your boat. These fish are like bull dogs and will fight you all the way to the boat. This is a great way to get a good upper body work out on your next vacation.