Fishing Report
for May 2007

May 2007

Hey Guy's,
As I was getting ready for some great fishing this past week I soon found out that Mother Nature had other plans and that I was restricted to her elements. Tues. the wind started blowing and that was only the beginning. Every day since it has only gotten worse but we didn't miss any days thanks to the new boat but we were confined to fishing the East side of the bay. Bait has remained good and that was a blessing since there was no way to make a long run to catch it any where else. I started off the week fishing for Tarpon and had some good luck the first two days with several fish jumped each day until Wed. when the wind really let loose. At that point the Tarpon were not even showing themselves and with a pretty good chop on the water it was like looking for a needle in a hay stack. After a few hours of this we decided that this wasn't the best game plan for the conditions and came back inside for some snook and red fish action. There are a tun of both around and that is what I have been focussing on since then. The wind has really turned the bite off unless it is the fact that all the guides as well as the recreational anglers have been confined to the same groups of fish and the pressure on these fish is just to much. Whatever the case my be it is slowly starting to turn around and it seems like the more the wind settles down the better the bite gets. There are still a lot of Mackerel around and there are snook and red fish just about everywhere. The water has cooled back down to about 75 and that is really cool for this time of year. Usually by now the passes are loaded with snook and they are out on the beaches as well, not this year, it is like a repeat of the beginning of our season this spring. Every thing is running a little late but I think that with the up coming full moon we are going to see some changes happening. This is exactly what we need and I believe that when the fish do move to the passes they are going to explode into a feeding spell that we have been waiting on. This entire season has been pretty much the same with about 3 weeks a month the fish are just going crazy and then we get a week of having to work for every bite we get so if that holds true than this coming week should be some great fishing. <br> On another note the Permit were out there a couple of weeks ago but with the water cooling back off they seem to have went back south, however I am ready for them when they come back. I have my rods ready and my crab guy waiting for the words I NEED CRABS.... Until then I will be using crabs on the falling tide for the Tarpon and waiting for the permit. The summer is looking good and I am looking forward to seeing you out there and if I don't see you then have a great Holiday and be safe out there.