Fishing Report
for June 2007

June 19, 2007

Well, another month has come and almost gone and I have to say this has been a great spring for the most part. Even though we didn't get on the king fish like we wanted or the trout the snook and the incredible red fishing we had has definitely made up for it, in fact if the kings would have been out there when the reds were going off I probably wouldn't have went out there any way. The best news is the snook are finally starting to stack up in the passes and they may have had their first spawn this last moon. It sure looks like they did and all the conditions were right even if it did all come together in about a week. This has been one of the strangest years for the weather I have ever seen and we aren't the only ones. I have talked to people from all over the world and every one says the same thing but nevertheless the fishing sure paid off. Over the last few weeks we have been getting some big snook,no records were broken including my own but we have had a lot of upper 30" fish and they are fat and healthy. I have just discovered a new snook spot and it is kind of like the one I discovered a few years ago down south where the snook were huge, well the same thing has happened and so far it has paid off with the biggest coming out of there being 38" however we have hooked fish we couldn't even stop. I have even switched to using 20lb. braided line and they are still getting the best of us but give me a little more time and I will get one of those big boys out of there. I have also found some nice trout just two days ago but haven't had a chance to fish them yet but trout aren't that hard to get to bite so I will be trying them in the next week or so. Another discovery I found is the triple tails are back and they seem to be pretty abundant. So far the biggest was 25" and I know that doesn't sound like a big fish but when you are talking tripletail that is a nice one and as for table fair you can hardly beet them. The tarpon are also thick out there and the days I have fished for them have been rather eventful and it seems like everyone is fishing the same three places they always are so I decided to go somewhere else and it has paid off. I know that tarpon aren't my favorite fish to target but without 50 other boats around it has been kind of a nice change so hopefully no one else (charter captains) will figure out what I am doing. Anyway it has been a great spring season and the summer should be just as good if not better. I am expecting these snook to really start stacking up on the beaches soon and we all know what that means. Let me know if you want to get out there this next couple of months and lets get out there and get'em. My computer will be down for about a week so if you try to email me and I don't respond within a few days just give me a call. Until next time.
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