Fishing Report
for February 2007

February -2007
Hey Guys,
I hope all is well. First let me say I love being a Florida native. Why? Here we are sitting in the sun in Feb. and it has to be almost 80 degrees outside. That is a lot better than being up north where it is freezing. As for the fishing it has been really good with red fish everywhere. We have been averaging about 30-40 fish per trip from 17" up to 33" and have been catching them all over the place. I really think it is going to be a great spring for reds again. As for the snook they are great one day and off the next. It really depends on the weather. It seems like they know when a front is coming and scurry back to their winter time places before the front ever gets here. Why? Well, I'm not really sure other than the fact the fronts we have had have been so bad but they don't last that long. I do know that after a front if it warms up for a few days they come right back out and start eating again. There are a lot of snook out there of all sizes just waiting to be caught.
Trout are starting to show up in pretty good numbers and the sizes are good as well. They are in a little different places this year due to the red tide in the past but they are here and we are catching them. Everything seems to be coming around like it should and the more stable the weather gets the more consistent the fishing will be.
When it comes to bait there is a lot of it out there. Every where from up the river to the beaches and at the Sky Way. A lot of it is small but that is OK. The fish seem to like this smaller bait this time of year and you can hold a lot more of it as well.
The King fish should be coming around any time now with Spanish mackerel mixed in. The water is almost the right Temp. for them and they should come in rather close with as much bait that is out on the beach.
I would like to say thanks to all of you who have already booked your spring and early summer trips. I think we will have a great spring and I am looking forward to seeing you all. There are still some open dates here and there and if you haven't booked yet and are planning to don't wait to long. I am also updating my web site and would like to put some of your comments on there next to your pictures, so if you have the picture of that trophy fish you caught send it to me through email with your comments and watch the site to see it up there. www.captainshawn.com I already have a lot of these pictures but there is always room for more. I will also be at the Fair Grounds this coming weekend for the Frank Sargeant show. I will be in the Andros Boats booth and I hope I get to see some of you there. Until next time.
Capt. Shawn Crawford