Captain Shawn's
Fishing Report for Febuary 2008

Hey every one, Let me start off with saying THE REDS ARE BACK, and I mean they are really back thick. The first week of March and it seems everything is falling right into place, with schooling reds and snook moving into their first spring time spots. Even though we have another cold front coming tonight it isn't going to amount to much so I don't see these fish going back into their winter spots. The trout have been as about as good as they get in Sarasota Bay with some nice ones just about every day up to 25" but they are not doing well with shiners yet. We have been catching them on Berkley Gulps and the package is right, they do out fish live bait when the fish don't want live bait but I am sure that will be changing maybe this week. There are also a tun of pompano around, more than I have seen in several years and all this tells me one thing, Sarasota Bay is finally coming back after the red tide three years ago that wiped everything out. This should be an incredible spring to fish and I am so ready for it as every one else is also. The good news is that since the red tide a lot of people have left Sarasota bay alone so the fishing pressure isn't to bad and this makes it a hole lot better for those of us who spend a lot of time down there. The next couple of weeks should be interesting to say the least so I am sure I will be sending another report out here soon. Until then keep those rods bent and your drag screaming.

Capt. Shawn Crawford

January 2008
Fishing Report