Fishing Report
for August 2007

August 2007
Hey guy's,

Well, here we go again getting ready for our fall season. Wondering what's in store for us, well me too. The summer has been pretty eventful with some crazy fishing. It has seemed like the fish were either going crazy or not doing anything but I guess that is why they call it fishing. The summer snook bite has been pretty darn good for the most part with quite a few high number days and yes even some big fish being caught, but the reds have been still doing better than the last few years and the fall is known for it's outstanding red fishing. I think it is a sign of things to come with no red tide so far this year and plenty of bait around I think it is going to be a great fall season. As for now the reds are still around but they can be rather hard to find some days but when we do get on them it has been non stop action. Snook, well lets just say they are already moving back in from the beaches and it seems every day I am out there I am seeing them further and further up on the flats and believe me when I tell you there are a lot of them around. However I have been doing something a little different from you are probably used to. Snapper fishing, yep that's right and it has been off the chain. There are a bunch of rock piles in the bay that are holding some nice snapper right now. I'm not talking about your plain old 12" fish either, these fish are in the 18"-22" class and the cool thing is, there are grouper out there as well. I haven't got any big ones yet but we have had several keepers on some days but the snapper are so thick it isn't hard to have your limit rather quickly, after that we just change the hooks and start catching Spanish mackerel and they aren't small either. It is kind of funny, you can stay in the back waters and have a heat stroke and catch some fish or you can go out to open water and stay somewhat cool and load the boat. It almost seems like the fish know where it is cooler all we have to do is follow them. There are a lot of things to look forward to and with the amount of grouper on the rock piles now I can't wait to see what the fall and winter holds. That is pretty much it for now, haven't seen any permit out there but the kings should be here before we know it. If I see any thing else I will let you know and I am looking forward to seeing you out there soon. Until then keep those rods bent.
Capt. Shawn Crawford.

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