Fishing Report
for April 2007

April 1, 2007

Hey Guy's,
What a week of fishing!!! This isn't an April Fools joke either. The reds are back, at least where I have been fishing. I knew that Sarasota Bay would have to turn back on sooner or later and it finally has in some places. I have been down there every day since the 23 of March and every day seems like it is better than the day before. We have been catching any where from 40 - 75 reds a trip and there are some big ones in with them. Most of these fish are 24" - 33" and are fat so when you hook one you know it. It has been non stop action every day with 2, 3, even 4 fish on at one time. This is what we have been waiting for and it is finally here. Sat. the trout showed up as well, not a lot of them but they are just about all over 20". These are the first trout I have seen in Sarasota Bay since the red tide two years ago. The snook have been a little finicky but we are catching them and have had at least 1 keeper a day for the most part. The big ones are starting to turn on as well and we ended Saturday's trip with a 36" snook. The kings are also out there and from what I understand they are pretty thick but that is just what I have heard, I have been to busy inside to go out after them and as long as the bite stays good inshore I will be on it unless someone just wants to go out after the kings. There are all kind of things going on and I think it is only going to get better as we get further into spring.
With the exception to a few slow days the fishing has been incredible to say the least. The reds are just about every where and they are nice fish as well. This past Thursday Bill King was with me and he was able to land the biggest red fish of the year to this point. The fish was just under 44" and that was on 8lb. test line. This wasn't the only big red of the month though, we have had numerous fish over 32" just about every day and we have had them up to 36". What more could we ask for. We have been averaging any where from 20-60 reds a day and the snook are getting better by the day. Big fish for the month on snook was 39" and more than I can remember in the 30" class. We have been getting about 20 snook a day on the average depending on how long we stay on the reds. It is hard to catch them all but as you well know I try to. The trout seem to be doing better from what I have heard but they are a bit inconsistent. We have been getting a few but I really haven't been targeting them with all the reds and snook we have been catching. The king fish are out there as well but one day they will be at the one mile reef and the next day they will be 12 miles off shore. The big news is the tarpon have arrived and there are a bunch of them out there for the taking. The best news about this is that everyone is out chasing tarpon and that leaves the flats wide open. I have said for a few weeks now that May will be the month to fish and I think I was right. I am seeing more fish everyday and the snook are heading to the passes to do their thing and I haven't checked yet but they should be on the beach by now but it was a very late spring so it may take them a bit longer to get out there. I have a couple of days still open for this month so if you want to get out there give me a call or send an email. I look forward to seeing you soon. Sincerely, Capt. Shawn Crawford