King Fish are one of our famous fish we target here on the West coast. They can be a load of fun and make for great table fare. These fish are swimmers and they must swim to survive so that makes for a very "chummable" fish. Sometimes we anchor over hard bottom and there won't be a fish in site but within just a few minutes of chumming, the water will start erupting with Kings slamming free-swimming bait that I have chummed with. Then, hang on because we are fixing to have a lot of bent rods and screaming drags. Once you have them around the boat you can usually continue to catch them for several hours, but we usually don't because of sore arms and all the meat we want. These fish get big with average size of 30"-40", but they can get up to 70"-80" and 50lbs. to 60lbs. commonly. When the Kings are running almost everyone wants to get in on the action, even if it is just for a little while. We still use somewhat light tackle for them. We will be using spinning rods and 10-14 lb. test line with a leader and then a piece of wire just before the hook to keep the toothy fish from cutting you off. These fish can make runs of 100 yards or more after you hook into one and that is why they are called Smokers. When you see smoke coming off of your reel you know you have hooked into something.
     Spanish mackerel is one of the fish we also target off the beaches and are great fighters also. They usually hang around rocks or artificial reefs and will hit a bait as soon as it hits the water. They can get as big as 30" and if you catch one you can usually catch fifty. They are good on the grill and are great smoked. These fish are super fast swimmers so they will put up a good intense fight and will eat just about anything you through at them. Great on the fly rod and there are a lot of these fish out there so you can usually bank on catching some of these. When the water temp. is in the low 70's there is usually some big king fish around the same area's. These fish will also eat a fly but really love a big shiner or sardine. They call these fish smokers because they will have smoke coming off your reel when they make their long runs.
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